Soaking, Sprouting & Dehydration

Soaking, Sprouting & Dehydration

Soaking, sprouting, & dehydration help optimize nutrition

It’s no secret that nuts and seeds are packed full of protein, vitamins, and minerals, as well as healthy fats. However, in their raw form, they also contain phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors (to prevent them from sprouting prematurely in nature). We soak and sprout all our nuts to neutralize the acid and inibitors so your body can more easily access their natural nutrition.

Some of our finished products are baked, but many are raw, and when we use nuts and seeds as ingredients, we make sure to soak and sprout them first whenever possible.

Soaking and sprouting nuts and seeds…

…removes enzyme inhibitors. Those inhibitors are designed to protect nuts and seeds against premature germination, but can deter digestion when eaten. By soaking the nuts and seeds, we neutralize those enzyme inhibitors, allowing your body to access and utilize all the great nutrition that nuts and seeds have to offer. And no, it’s not some new-fangled idea; even the Aztecs did it!

Some of our soaked and sprouted nuts and seeds will head straight to the dehydrator, destined only to be dried and bagged (sometimes with some Himalayan crystal salt or other seasoning), or perhaps added to our Trail Mix. There is nothing like a plump, flavorful sprouted almond to make you wonder why you ever bothered with a roasted nut!

Speaking of dehydration…

It’s important to know that it is how we ‘process’ our raw products. We just pick the best produce available — from apples to zucchini — combine and season with our secret recipes, dehydrate, and voila!

Dehydration removes the moisture from the food at very low temperatures to a point at which microorganisms can’t grow, and the food won’t spoil.

The result is food that remains ‘raw,’ optimized to feed body and soul.