Raw, Organic, Vegan

Soaking, Sprouting & Dehydration

Not just gluten-free; we’re really into raw, vegan, & organic

All of our products are gluten-free and dairy-free. We never, ever use genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, or artificial flavorings or coloring. No soy products are used. We use trusted local sources whenever we can, and favor organic producers whenever possible.

 Why raw?

Raw foodism has a dedicated and growing following (Shelley is an advocate herself). Its advocates favor food that has not been heated, or has only been heated at very low temperatures, because it is widely acknowledged that foods cooked above a certain temperature lose much of their nutritional value.

Many of our products are considered raw in their finished form (raw granolas, raw crackers, and raw chips), because their moisture has been gradually removed over time at very low temperatures. The result is great taste, and the average snacker often doesn’t even realize there was no ‘cooking’ involved.

Many people have less trouble digesting raw products than traditionally cooked ones. In our products, we also soak and sprout all the nuts and seeds to help optimize their nutritional value.

We also make sure to use only organic nuts and seeds, and wholesome produce that is available seasonally — as it should be!

Organic Ingredients

Most of our ingredients are organic. Some of the local farms we use are not certified as such. We are sure to use farms whose practices either meet or exceed organic standards, or are consistent with our own quality standards.


Well, organic is great, but we really want to secure the best ingredients available, and we know local suppliers who follow organic practices without being certified organic. We’ll take those products over a certified brand if we believe it to be superior. Having said that, we seek out organic ingredients whenever possible, from fruit and vegetables to maple syrup. And we never, ever use genetically modified anything.