Current In-Store Menu

For the safety of our customers and staff, we are operating on a pick-up only basiseffective immediately.

We will take orders by telephone at: 914-764-1303.

If we are available to pack and charge your order immediately, we will place it on the rack outside once it is ready.

If we are not available to take your call, please leave us a voicemail message or email:

We will contact you back when your order is ready for pick up.

Thank you for your ongoing support and your cooperation as we work to consider the health of our community.

Shelley & John

What’s available in the Pound Ridge store this week:

Raw Granola 7oz bag, $9
Goji Berry

Baked Granola 16oz bag $18, 7oz bag, $9, 4oz bag $5
Almond Butter Chunk
Cashew Coconut Crunch
Nut Free Cherry (only available in 7 oz bag)
P-Nutty Chip

Reduced Sugar Baked Granola 16oz bag $18, 7oz bag, $9
Reduced Sugar Almond Butter Chunk
Reduced Sugar P-Nutty Chip
Reduced Sugar Cashew Coconut Crunch

Raw Crackers, $7
Carrot & Seed
Fresh Herb
Kale Goji
Pizza Thins

Sweet Treats
Baked Graham Bites – Classic, $7
Baked Graham Bites – Maple Cinnamon, $7
Baked Graham Bites – Lemon Chia, $7
Baked Biscotti Bites: Chocolate ChipGinger Snap, $7
Granola Bars:  Chewy Peanut Butter, $5
Chocolate: Peanut Butter Cups, $6

Sprouted Nuts & Seeds
Trail Mix, $10
Almonds, Salted, Unsalted, $10
Cashews, Salted, UnsaltedTurmeric, $10
Pistachios, Salted, Unsalted, $12.50
Walnuts, SaltedUnsalted, $8

Organic, House-Ground Nut Butters
P-Nut Butter, 12oz, $9, 17oz, $12
Almond Butter, 12oz, $12, 17oz, $16
Cashew Butter, 12oz, $10

Odds & Ends Bags: quantities VERY limited
Granola Crumbles
Baked Graham Bites
Raw Crackers