Current In-Store Menu

For the safety of our customers and staff, we are operating on a pick-up only basiseffective immediately.

We will take orders by telephone at: 914-764-1303.

If we are available to pack and charge your order immediately, we will place it on the rack outside once it is ready.

If we are not available to take your call, please leave us a voicemail message or email:

We will contact you back when your order is ready for pick up.

Thank you for your ongoing support and your cooperation as we work to consider the health of our community.

Shelley & John


What’s available in the Pound Ridge store this week:

Raw Granola 7oz bag, $9
Goji Berry
Honey Nut

Baked Granola 16oz bag $18, 7oz bag, $9, 4oz bag $5
Almond Butter Chunk
Cashew Coconut Crunch
Nut Free Cherry (only available in 7 oz bag)
P-Nutty Chip

Reduced Sugar Baked Granola 16oz bag $18, 7oz bag, $9
Almond Butter Chunk
P-Nutty Chip
Cashew Coconut Crunch

Raw Crackers, $7
Almond Berry (out of stock)
Carrot & Seed
Fresh Herb
Kale Goji
Sweet Beet (out of stock)

Sweet Treats
Baked Graham Bites – Classic, $7
Baked Graham Bites – Maple Cinnamon, $7
Baked Graham Bites — Lemon Chia, $7
Baked Biscotti Bites: Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, Ginger Snap, $7
Granola Bars:  Chewy Peanut Butter, Chewy Almond Butter, $5
Chocolate: Peanut Butter Cups, Pudding, Quinoa Crispy Bark, $6
Raw Macaroons:  Pumpkin Spice, Mocha Chip, $6

Raw Chips, $6
Golden Turmeric Kale
Sour Kreme Onion Kale

Sprouted Nuts & Seeds, $10
Trail Mix
Almonds, Salted , Unsalted, Turmeric (out of stock – Turmeric)
Cashews, Salted, Unsalted, Turmeric
Pistachios, Unsalted, Salted (out of stock – salted)
Walnuts, Salted or Unsalted, $8
Walnuts, Turmeric

Dips and This & That
P-Nut Butter, house-ground, organic, 12oz, $9, 17oz, $12
Almond Butter, house-ground, organic, 12oz, $12, 17oz, $16
Cashew Butter, house-ground, organic, 12oz, $10
Dip/Hummus:  Zucchini, Almond Basil Pesto, Golden Turmeric, Roasted Butternut Squash, Sprouted Chickpea, Roasted Garlic Sprouted Chickpea, Cheezy, $7

House-Made Juices:
Ginger Shot, $3

Odds & Ends Bags: quantities VERY limited
Granola Crumbles
Baked Graham Bites
Raw Crackers
Raw Kale Chips

Healing Home Foods Merchandise
T-Shirt, $20

Ingredients We Use In HHF Kitchen
Almond Flour, 1 pound bag $6.50, 2.5 pound bag $15  (out of stock)
(Almond Flour from CA, Blanched Super Fine Ground)

Shelley’s Favorite Brands (not produced @ Healing Home Foods facility)
Awesome Foods Fig Bar, $6 (2 pack)
Big Spoon Roasters Handcrafted Nut Butter Bars, $3.50
Blissfully Better Vegan Toffee Bars, $6
Blue Mountain Organics Coco Joy and Mint Joy Bars, $3
Blue Mountain Organics Goji Bar, $3.75
Blue Mountain Organics Brownie, $3
Dellie Bar, $2.75
Gopal’s Healthfoods Energy Bars, $3
Gopal’s Healthfoods Raw Alchemy Enzyme Rich Brownie, $3.45
Grok Bites, $3.25
Liv Bar, $2.50
NaamNom Carob Bars, $4.50
Nana Joes Bars, $3.75
Prolon Fast Bar, $3.25
The Real Coconut Cookies, $2.50
Butters and This & That
Big Spoon Roasters Handcrafted Nut Butters, 10oz, $13.50
Date Lady California Date Syrup, $7
Date Lady Chocolate Spread, $9.50
Date Lady Sweet Chili Sauce, $9.50
Gopal’s Healthfoods Pumpkin Seed Butter, 8 oz jar, $12
Gopal’s Healthfoods Sunflower Seed Butter, 16 oz jar, $12 (out of stock)
Gopal’s Healthfoods Raw Walnut Butter, $15
Gopal’s Healthfoods Sesame Tahini
Chobb’s Chocolate Cups, $3
Endorfin Foods Chocolate Bars, $5
Hu Chocolate Bars, $6
Hu Chocolate-Covered Hunks, $6
Nohmad Chocolate, $6.25
Drinks and This & That
Annie’s Ginger Elixir, 8.5oz Bottle, $10.50
Annie’s Ginger Elixir Shots, 1 serving, 1.5oz, $5
Bear’s Fruit Kombucha, $4
Caffe Ammi Coffee, 12oz, $12 – $14
Element [Shrub] All Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Shrubs, 8 fl oz, $10.50
Eliya Coconut Water, $3.60
Fermenting Fairy Probiotic Kefir, $15.75
Four Sigmatic, single packs $1.50-$2.00, case of 10 $15-$20, case of 20 $38, case of 30, $30, Focus Shot, $4, Lemonade Mix, $30
Healing Butterfly, individual sticks $2
Health~Ade Kombucha, $3.75
ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir Shots, 2 fl oz, $5.50
Rebbl Drinks, Elixirs, $4, Protein $4.50
Rise Cold Brew, $2.75
Sound Sparkling Rose Tea, $2.35
Topo-Chico Drinks, $1.60
Ugly Drinks, $1.25
Vegan Cheeses
Spero Foods, $8
Anita’s Coconut Milk Yogurt, 6 oz $5, 16 oz  $10.50
Barukas Supernuts, $6.25
Blue Mountain Organics Raw Sprouted Wraps, $6.75
Cocoburg Jerky, $4.50 (out of stock)
Coconut Oil Supreme, 32 fl. oz., plastic jar $30
Coconut Oil Supreme, 3.75 lbs (65.2 fl oz), plastic jug, $45 (out of stock)
Daphnis & Chloe Greek Mountain Tea, $8
Daphnis & Chloe Wild Thyme Flowers, $9.50
Daphnis & Chloe Smoked Chili Flakes, $9.50
Date Lady Organic Dates, 8oz bag, $7.50
Gopal’s Healthfoods Sprouties, $1.50 – $2
Gopal’s Healthfoods Rawker Greengo Raw Cracker, $3 (out of stock)
Gopal’s Healthfoods Rawker Veggie Mix Raw Cracker, $3
Gopal’s Healthfood Rawmesan, Original and Herb & Spice, $5.25
Gopal’s Healthfoods Power Wraps, $2.50
Hellenic Farms Fig Salami, $9
Made In Nature Coconut Chips, $4.50
Made In Nature Figgy Pops, $4.50
Made In Nature Veggie Pops, $4.50
Made In Nature Supersnacks, $1.75
Terrasoul Superfoods Acai Powder, 4oz, $13 (out of stock)
Terrasoul Superfoods Dried Mango, 4oz, $5 (out of stock)
Terrasoul Superfoods Deep Green Protein Powder, 12oz, $18 (out of stock)
Terrasoul Superfoods Goji Berries, 5oz, $5
Terrasoul Superfoods Hemp Seeds, 6oz, $7
Terrasoul Superfoods Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder, 5.5 oz, $15
Terrasoul Superfoods Lucuma Powder, 16oz, $15
Terrasoul Superfoods Maqui Powder, 4oz, $14
Terrasoul Superfoods Matcha Green Tea, Ceremonial Grade, 2.1oz, $18
Terrasoul Superfoods Matcha Powder – Culinary Grade, 4oz, $13
Terrasoul Superfoods Moringa Leaf Powder, 4oz, $5.50
Terrasoul Superfoods Red Reishi Mushroom Powder, 5.5oz, $15 (out of stock)
Terrasoul Superfoods Sun-Dried Apricots, 32oz, $15
Terrasoul Superfoods Turkish Calimyrna Figs, 32oz, $15 (out of stock)
Terrasoul Superfoods Turmeric Powder, 6oz, $5.50
Terrasoul Superfoods Wheatgrass Juice Powder, 5oz, $15
The Coconut Cult, Probiotic Coconut Yogurt, 16 oz jar $18, 8oz jar $10 – NEW PRICING
Tierra Farm, Organic Dry Roasted Nuts & Seeds:  Curry Cashews (out of stock), $8, Garlic Almonds, $7.50, Sea Salt & Onion Cashews, Maple Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds,$8
Tierra Farm, Organic Dried Fruit:  Tart Cherries (out of stock), $8, Cranberries, $5.50, White Turkish Figs, $4, Mango Strips, $7, Pineapple Rings, $5
Superkrauts, Tonics $10.50, Sauerkrauts $12
Sweetpotato Awesome, $4.50 -$6
Your Super Organic Plant Protein Mix, $2.15
Your Super Organic Superfood Mix, $1.75